Careers at Devstore

Devstore is a Y Combinator and VC-funded startup founded in 2019 and based in San Francisco.

Our mission is to build the ultimate app store for open-source packages, helping developers choose among and use 3 million open-source packages, so they can build amazing products faster.

Devstore is already used and loved by tens of thousands of developers and it’s growing at a rapid pace.

We are currently recruiting our core team, join us as one of the first employees!

We offer a great startup culture and energy, a generous stock options grant, a lot of impact and autonomy, and the opportunity for rapid professional growth.

You’ll work directly with the CEO, influence the product and the roadmap, and build a product that would improve life for millions of developers.

We are hiring!

and we offer great benefits:

  • Relocation package: $5-10K for relocation to San Francisco
  • Great culture and energy: build stuff and have fun - without office politics or hierarchy
  • Work with the latest technologies and frameworks: choose your own stack from scratch
  • Flexible schedule and work hours
  • Impact: your work will help millions of developers build amazing products, and will be pivotal to the company. As part of the core team, you’ll work directly with the CEO, brainstorm ideas, and influence the product and roadmap
  • Rapid professional growth: whether you want to level up as a technologist, manager or entrepreneur, we’ll help you reach your goals with courses, workshops, mentorship and promotion
  • Significant stock options grant: as part of the core team, you’ll have substantial upside in the startup’s success and growth
  • Wellness: free daily healthy meals, snacks, gym/yoga membership, subscription
  • Health insurance, open vacations

Senior Backend Developer

As a senior backend developer at Devstore, you’ll be in charge of the code that collects and analyzes data for 3 million open-source packages from multiple sources such as GitHub, npm, PyPi, Maven, StackOverflow, and package websites. You’ll also be in charge of the entire backend tech stack and infrastructure, from servers and containers, through CI-CD, monitoring and testing, to the software architecture, libraries and tools that we use.

What you will be doing:

  • Build the entire tech stack and infrastructure of the startup from scratch, based on best-of-breed technologies, including containers, serverless, microservices, APIs, CI-CD, testing, and logging.
  • Built high-scale real-time collectors for package data from multiple data sources, including GraphQL and REST APIs, websites, source code extraction, and more
  • Analyze a lot of textual info created by other developers, such as project READMEs, change logs, commits, issues, PRs, and even source code
  • Build a big and performant database containing billions of data points about 3 million open source packages, including information, versions and community knowledge
  • Build the backend for a website that serves millions of developers, using Node.js and Next.js
  • Do quick iterations and experiments as part of the core product team (CEO, designer, and frontend developer) to test out new ideas and features

You most likely have:

  • At least 7 years of experience as a backend developer
  • At least 4 years of experience building web applications with Node.js
  • Hands-on experience building end-to-end software infrastructure: AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, CI-CD, Testing, Logging, Monitoring
  • Experience implementing modern software architecture/design, including Microservices, APIs, Messaging, Queues, Workers
  • Ability to build, operate and optimize a high-performance scalable database of hundreds of GBs and hundreds of millions of records, including text-search engine, caching, and more
  • Advantage: Serverless experience (e.g. Lambda)
  • Advantage: Text-analysis or code-analysis knowledge


Senior Frontend Developer

As a senior frontend developer at Devstore, you’ll be in charge of developing the frontend of a product loved and used by thousands of developers every day. You’ll build a beautiful and performant web application based on React.js and Next.js, showcasing 3 million open-source packages, and including package insights and comparison, powerful search and discovery, documentation, knowledge, and community. As our first frontend developer, you’ll choose and implement a best-of-breed frontend stack from scratch.

What you will be doing:

  • Build a best-of-breed frontend stack from scratch, including grid, typography, UI components, graphing, data display, and search components
  • Build the frontend for our web application based on React and Next.js, creating a beautiful and pleasurable experience for hundreds of thousands of developers
  • Create beautiful package pages that include information, documentation, and insights about package popularity, maintenance, issues, and quality
  • Work with tonnes of data, and create reusable components to display the data in various ways, including graphs, charts, visualizations, and comparisons
  • Do quick iterations and experiments as part of the core product team (product manager, designer, and backend developer) to test out new ideas and features
  • Build a browser extension for developers, augmenting GitHub, npm and other websites with deep package insights
  • Help us understand what’s going on with our users, by using analytics tools, user journey tracking, feedback tools, error and performance logging

You most likely have:

  • At least 5 years of experience as a frontend JavaScript developer
  • At least 3 years of experience building sophisticated React apps
  • Aesthetic eye for user-interface detail, and experience working with UX/UI designers
  • Hands-on experience of the latest capabilities in JavaScript (ES6/7/8/9) and CSS (grids, animations, transitions, media queries, styled-components)
  • Experience setting up webpack and babel, plugins, minification, asset versioning, and CDN upload
  • Ability to debug and optimize webapps’ performance, including network, JavaScript, and rendering
  • Experience with analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Experience with on-site SEO: metadata, header elements, robots file, sitemaps, etc
  • Advantage: experience with Next.js, TypeScript, PWA, SVG/Canvas


Senior Web Designer

As a senior web designer at Devstore, you will be in charge of the design of a beautiful web application,

 showcasing 3 million open-source packages, and used by hundreds of thousands of developers.

You’ll be deeply involved in product decisions, and work closely with the CEO and other team members to hypothesize, design, and test out new ideas and features.

As the first designer in our startup, you will also create our brand identity and set the overall design and style.

What you will be doing:

  • Design a beautiful and modern appstore for open source packages, showcasing 3 million open-source packages, and including insights, search, discovery, documentation, knowledge, and community.
  • Create wireframe concepts and high-fidelity mockups (and optionally HTML/CSS code)
  • Do quick iterations and experiments as part of the core product team (product manager and two developers) to hypothesize, build, and test out new ideas and features
  • Build our brand identity and style guide, including color themes, typography, icons, logotype
  • Work closely with the product manager to design effective yet pleasurable user experiences, to help developers choose, learn and use open source packages
  • Create interactive, beautiful, realistic UI mockups based on real data, and work closely with a frontend developer to bring them to life (or even write CSS/HTML yourself, if you like it)
  • Design beautiful ways to display and visualize the tonnes of data and insights we have about open-source packages

You most likely have:

  • 5+ years of experience as a web designer, working with tools such as Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD
  • Ability to create stunning user-interfaces for modern web applications
  • Ability to visualize and prototype ideas, from wireframes to high-fidelity mockups
  • Experience working closely and effectively with product managers and developers
  • Solid understanding of user experience and product management: user jobs, motivations, barriers, information architecture, Gestalt principles
  • Experience building a brand identity and consistent style guides for other products
  • Advantage: hands-on ability to turn designs into interactive HTML and CSS, including grids, animations, transitions, typography, and iconography.
  • Advantage: experience with data visualizations and/or charting


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